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Accent Publications is the publishing arm of the Theology Research Unit. We write about spirituality, theology and contemporary religious issues from an Aotearoa-New Zealand perspective.

We aim to be a resource for those who want to discuss and search out mature responses to the major issues of Christian life in the 21st Century.

Founded by Jo Ayers, Accent Publications was brought under the management of the Theology Research Unit of the Catholic Diocese of Auckland in 2014.

The Theology Research Unit

The Theology Research Unit emerged in 2012 following the closure of the Catholic Institute of Theology in Auckland. Its aim is “to promote theological reflection at tertiary level in Aotearoa-New Zealand, especially through publications, seminars, and opportunities for peer critique.”

The current members of the Research Unit are: Helen Bergin, John Dunn, Neil Darragh, Alice Sinnott, Lyn Smith, Kevin Wanden and Susan Smith.

Queries to: info@accentpublications.co.nz

We regret that copies of Neil Darragh's But what is the church for? held in New Zealand have now all sold out and can no longer be ordered from this website.

You may however order a copy from the publisher, Wipfandstock.com or from international book sellers such as Amazon.com

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