The God Book

Talking about God TodayEdited by Neil Darragh


Today’s challenge is to talk about the God in a way that secular society can hear. Our traditional images and language for God are failing us. Not only have they been dismissed as irrelevant by secular society but they no longer express the spirituality of many modern Christians.

A variety of New Zealand writers and thinkers show us new ways of talking about God today.



The God Book: Talking about God Today 
Edited by Neil Darragh

Christians talking about God in public?

But are traditional Christian images and language about God adequate, or are they a barrier to communication?

The reflective Christian does have a contribution to make to the public conversation about good citizenship and public policy, about the search for spirituality, and about religious fundamentalism. We need to communicate clearly how our understanding of God has an impact on the human and Earth communities of which we are part.

The challenge for religious people “. . . is to refine their own ideas and language about God . . . to articulate as clearly as possible and in language that is as public as possible how we understand the reverberations of God in our world.”

This book aims to resource Christians to take part in the public conversation about God.



Setting the Scene
1. God’s Images, Aliases, and Substitutes – Neil Darragh
2. The Language of Christian Existence – Vincent Hunt
3. How Can Our Talk About God Be Good News? – Kevin Duffy
4. God of the Future – Helen Bergin

Searching the Sources
5. Bible Images Give Shape and Voice to God Language – Alice Sinnott
6. The God of Christians, revealed in Jesus Christ – John Dunn
7. Speaking of God in an Ecologically-challenged World – Susan Smith
8. All Earth Is Telling the Glory of God – Neil Darragh
9. God in the Liturgy, God in the World – Jo Ayers

Learning from the Mystics
10. We Are a Word Spoken by God – Stuart Sellar
11. Meeting God in the Voice of Mystics – Ann-Marie Harvey
12. Talking about God, Talking to God: The Spiritual Journey of Edith Stein – Ann M. Nolan

Listening to Contemporary Voices
13. How do Maori speak about God today – Tui Cadigan
14. Talking about God with Friends and Neighbours – Margaret France
15. Talking about God in the Workplace – Judith Crimmins
16. Changing God Language, Ourselves and Society – Mary Betz
17. But who do you say that I am? Insights of Catholic Women – Diana Atkinson
18. Expanding the Metaphors: Validating Feminine Images of God – Trish McBride

Talking with Other Faiths
19. The Personal Reflections of an Elderly Jewess – Ann Gluckman
20. Reflections on Islam – Zain Ali

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