Listening to the People of the Land

Edited by Susan Healy and Published by Pax Christi Aotearoa New Zealand




Listening to the People of the Land: Christianity, Colonisation and the Path to Redemption is a ground-breaking work on settler Christianity and colonisation in Aotearoa New Zealand. It reaches into the underlying causes of harm done, efforts to address that harm, and the benefits to Indigenous, non-Indigenous and the Earth through those of settler descent working to make right their relationships with the Tangata Whenua, the People of the Land.



Susan Healy

Part 1 Getting Behind Colonial Myths

1 The Doctrine of Discovery (Susan Healy)

2 Settler Christianity and Crown Rule in Aotearoa New Zealand

(Susan Healy)

3 Settler Christianity and the Taking of Māori Land

(Susan Healy)

Part 2 Works of Conversion

4 The Programme on Racism (Mitzi Nairn)

5 All Things New: The Bicultural Journey of the Methodist Church

of New Zealand—Te Hahi Weteriana

(Barry Jones & Arapera Ngaha)

6 Anglican Constitutional Change (Adrienne Puckey)

Part 3 Listening, Dialogue, Learning

7 Rethinking “Ownership” (Susan Healy)

8 Reflecting on Pastoral Work with Indigenous Peoples

(Peter McDermott)

9 Awakenings: Encountering the Indigenous, Encountering the Earth

(Kennedy Warne)

Part 4 Recovering Treasures of the Christian Heritage

10 Justice for People and all Creation in the Christian Tradition

(Mary Betz)

11 Finding Relationship in God: Unearthing God as God of Community

(Helen Bergin)


Part 5 Responses and Further Reflections

12 A Groaning Towards Birth (Mike Riddell)

13 A Leap of Faith: Tangata Tiriti Engagement with the Treaty

(Jen Margaret)

14 International Perspectives

  1. Postcolonial Challenges to the Church
    (Mark Brett)
  2. Theological Inculturation in South Africa
    (Anselm Laurence Prior)
  3. Redeeming a Past: An Ancestor Perspective
    (Steve Taylor)


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